Hitch-sail the Atlantic Ocean

ETA: Spring 2017

How to
Hitch-sail the Atlantic Ocean
Complete guide to ocean travel, crewing, and conservation

From West to East & from East to West

Why cross an ocean?
When to search and go?
How to find a boat?
What to expect?
What do captains expect?
What skills are useful?
How not to do it?
How to prepare?
What to pack?
What's it like?
How to deal with seasickness?
and last but not least,
how to make a meaningful mission out of it?

I have figured it all out! 3 crossings, 4 boats, how NOT to do it and how do it all over again. I've interviewed 40 hitchsailors and 30 captains to hear their story. I'm compiling all this information and inspiration into a guidebook so I can help you to make your dream happen as well! Including loads op tips to make minimize the negative impact and maximize positive impact for the ocean.
The ocean, our playground, our life, needs us more than ever!

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Suzanne, The Oceanpreneur

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